Livebox is the most used Professional Streaming solution in 2018 - 19

Professionals who use Livebox

Livebox is used by most internet marketers, Youtubers,,entrepreneurs,movie directors,sports event organizers, videographers, TV Channels,Radio jockeys and all kinds of event organizers. Almost everyday, a few wedding events are streamed using the Livebox media system and every minute, a new live stream is started within Livebox..


Industries & Enterprises implementing Livebox

Livebox is used by several large industries for 24×7 surveillance streaming. Media houses and video studios use Livebox for their day to day cloud encoding and trans-coding.Hospitals have implemented the Livebox streaming server to live stream their surgery and for general surveillance.

Governments use Livebox as their preferred means for live video streaming. Several Government agencies utilize Livebox for their day to day streaming of Government conferences and to communicate with their audiences.

Multi content source provider integration

Livebox can seamlessly integrate with several multiple Thirdparty content provides to ingest live and on-demand videos inside the Box. Simply paste multiple thirdparty links from the list of supported providers and you can stream the live content directly without the requirement for additional storage.

Livebox Surveillance systems

Livebox surveillance converter is a plug and play solution that can convert your existing CCTV, DVR and IP Cameras into broadcast-able live video feed. It’s very simple to integrate any video surveillance system that supports RTMP,RTSP or HTTP.

Livebox Autoscaler

The Livebox autoscaler enables connecting and scaling multiple Livebox’s together automatically with just clicks. It is no longer painful to source and setup live infrastructure to scale to the needs of your audience. All you need is the new Livebox autoscaler to automatically help you scale far and wide using the best streaming infrastructure in the planet without any limitation. The Livebox autoscaler enables customers to scale and withstand multi million live viewers at ease.