Live Video Streaming

LIVEBOX is an innovative, integrated suite of full function video playout software with your own dedicated, cloud based streaming server, teamed with the most aggressively priced bandwidth on the market.

All designed with the LiveBox Advantage to give you the means to professionally live stream content sourced from almost anywhere, to virtually every possible destination including YouTube, ROKU, cable heads or anywhere.

The ultimate
Live Streaming Solution
for your business.

Blazingly Fast

Livebox is blazingly fast and very light weight. It can work on all modern servers and can scale to any extent.Once you start using Livebox, you can stay at rest and focus on your business and improving your channel content.

Licensed Playout & Mixing software

Every Livebox server comes in with licensed Playout software,Mixing software and live streaming encoder. These can be downloaded at no additional cost. All you need is to be user of Livebox.

Stream without Video conent

No more hassle of storing large files on your computer or server. Neither worry about having a professional video camera. Just pull your archives off youtube and stream them directly from YouTube without downloading them anywhere. This is yet another ground breaking feature innovated FIRST ONLY within Livebox.

CDN Ownership

With Livebox, you don't use a shared CDN but you are the CDN provider. You will be able to offer CDN services to your clients having your own infrastructure at a low cost using Livebox. This technology is totally new and unprecedented

24x7 Transcoding

Livebox is the ONLY server that gives you the freedom to do transcoding 24x7. With Livebox, you can watch your streams getting transcoded and distributed to multiple destinations without hassle and unexpected additional expenses.

Multiple Stream Security Mechanisms

Restrict viewership based on GEO Blocking, Domain blocking and IP restriction.
Apart from imposing stream restrictions based on ip,domain and locations, Livebox also comes witht he ability to encrypt your streams using advanced HLS encryption. SSL certificates can be installed on the fly.


you need

Streaming shouldn’t cost an arm and leg. LIVEBOX pricing is unrivalled in the industry. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

you require

Whether you’re a simple streamer or producing 24/7, LIVEBOX has all the functionality you require in a simple box without the box.

you demand

We’re in the cloud with simple web interfaces taking content from almost anywhere and streaming virtually everywhere. LIVEBOX is truly the leader in ease of use.